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Hello and welcome to my blog! Here is a little bit about me. My love and passion for art started at a very young age in a country thousands of miles away from the beautiful coasts of California. I was born and raised in Italy where I gained my college degree in art. Inspired by the ever-present array of Italian art and culture, my dreams began to unfold on canvas. After experimenting with many mediums such as acrylic, water and colored pencil, I finally found my niche working with oil. My dreams continue to take shape through my artwork and my talent keeps improving by way of critique classes and workshops with well-known artists. It is especially underneath the picturesque sun of Laguna Beach where I find some of my greatest inspirations. I try to capture the peace and serenity of nature. “Nature is a blessing” I always say, and I hope to share that with you in this blog.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Malibu Coast

8 x 10

Oil on Canvas

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